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Journey to an Injury-Free Vaginal Delivery

Childbirth is a mind blowing experience for women, and the pain that accompanies it is overwhelming! Pain in the presence of injuries to the vagina or cervix is hell on earth for the woman. Many women pray for an injury-free vaginal delivery. Equally important, your vagina serves you, as well as your entire family. For you, your Vagina serves as an organ for urination and menstruation; for your husband, it works for sexual intercourse, and for your children, it provides a pathway for childbirth. It is important to experience an Injury-free Vaginal Delivery in order to feel good down there.

While we sacrifice a lot for our children, it is important that we do not neglect ourselves. Our body also needs love. Consequently, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure you stay fit for the delivery day, and afterwards.

Birth injuries in women can range from tearing in the vaginal area to damages to the pelvic floor. These birth injuries are usually caused by situations that’re out of your control during delivery. However, there are some risk factors that are likely to contribute to the occurrence of birth injuries.

Causes of Vaginal Injury (And Other Birth Injuries)

To experience an injury-free vaginal delivery, you need to know some of the likely causes. Here they are:

(1) Wrong positioning of the child, such as Breech

(2) Irregular pelvic shape or small size of the pelvis

(3) Prolonged labour

(4) A large baby

And many more..

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Natural childbirth through vagina without having injuries or cut. Injury-free vaginal delivery

How To Have an Injury-Free Vaginal Delivery

Every sincere woman wants to avoid injuries during childbirth. In fact, the thought of having bruises down there is terrifying!

To help mothers and intending mothers to enjoy vaginal delivery without having to worry about injuries, I’ve compiled a Blueprint or 4-Step Guide that will take you through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

You deserve to have a fantastic child birth, free from injuries! Spend few hours per day to go through the journey to an injury-free vaginal delivery.

Kemisola Omotehinse opens the line of communication among like-minded people to get projects done. She enjoys content writing a whole lot. Kemisola Omotehinse is a Registered Nurse, currently practising in Lagos.

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