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How to Create a Better Sleep Routine: Before, During & After

Sleep. A Silent god.

Yeah! You read that right. Sleep has huge influence on our overall performance as humans. You can stick to healthy diets, drink enough amount of water daily, exercise, take a walk or socialise with friends; but if you don’t sleep well enough, your productivity will be compromised. Therefore, you need to create a better sleep routine.

Based on recent researches, health now has 3 major pillars (Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise). As a matter of fact, sleep is the most effective way to reset your body for health. No jokes, many of us struggle to get enough sleep on a daily basis.

We can attribute this issue to several factors such as stress and overexposure to phone/laptop screens. Many are addicted to social media and spend so much time chilling with online friends. Some even think there is really no need to sleep that much, money making is the key. Let’s be real, sleep is vital!

Sleep is like a resetting button for your brain and entire body…How can you get rid of crappy sleep? I know you might be asking yourself this question. That’s the way forward!

I am of the opinion that you create a personal sleep routine. You can achieve this by simply putting a few habits in place. Once you do that, you will be able to achieve better sleep. All you have to do is try! Try the habits and see which of them work for you. 

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Here are what you can do before, during and after sleep to ensure you enjoy a great sleeping experience.

Creating a better sleep routine

How To Create a Better Sleep Routine


The major aim of creating a routine before going to bed is to build habits that will ensure you are calm and relaxed, so you can easily embrace sleep.

The following habits will do magic:

1. Put Away Your Devices 2 Hours Before Bed 

The short wave length enriched light (blue light) that is emitted by electronic devices is capable of interrupting the body’s natural circadian rhythm. When you focus on your screen, your melatonin levels will be lower and you will have more difficulty falling asleep.

2. Don’t Drink Caffeine After 2 pm

Caffeine can create a really crappy sleep cycle. If you are unable to sleep at night, you might be tempted to drink caffeine a couple of time at work. This can subsequently disrupt your sleep later in the night, and you will be required to take more caffeine the next day in order to stay awake. And the cycle continues…

You see, it is best to stick to fruit/vegetable juices in the afternoon. These juices ensures your body enzymes are effective. And nay, juices don’t interfere with your body’s natural sleep cycle.

3. Bathe Right Before Bed 

Bathing at night will relax your muscles and cocoons you in warmth. This will give your body the heads up that it’s sleep time! And yeah! pee before you leave the washroom.

4. Read a Book

How about you pick a book to read while in bed? Reading before sleep will help reduce stress levels by 68%. In fact, it is better than listening to music before sleep. You can stick to this age-old tradition by reading a novel, your Bible or a journal.

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The goal is to prevent you from waking up, as that disrupt your sleep flow. To enjoy a seamless sleep flow, do the following:

1. Darken Your Room

This is optional. If you find light to be disturbing, you can switch off the light bulbs so you can enjoy your sleep without being bothered by the intruding light rays.

2. Try An Eye Mask

Also referred to as sleep mask, this is effective in blocking out ambient light, as well as, blocking all distractions.


Your experience should not be undermined. How you wake up can have significant impact on your overall sleep quality. You can make it more pleasurable by a timed music player instead of an annoying alarm. 

You can also include the following habits into your ‘after sleep routine’:

1. Meditate:  Just for a few minutes, sit up in bed and practice mindful focus. Trust me, it’s such a great way to start your day.

2. Drink a glass of water: If you can, drink a glass of water. It will help re-hydrate your body and flush out the toxins that stored in your body overnight.
3. Drink a Cup of Tea: A cup of tea will provide your body with needed energy to kick start the day.
4. Exercise: For a few minutes, do some exercising. You can go for a walk, a run, or even do some press ups in your room.

To be factual, starting an effective sleep routine requires trial and error at first because you need to push away some habits and adopt new ones. So it is good to try out these habits and see which works for you. But whatever it is, do ensure your routine is effective, Don’t stick to Instagram and Facebook scrolling all night long.

How’s your sleep routine like? Let me know in the comment section below.

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