The Agony of Abortion in Nigeria by Kemisola Omotehinse
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To Hell and Back In-Situ

A note about abortion. The Agony of Abortion


She got broken by the break up.

She had invested her time, money and energy into the relationship. It was a waste of time.

A month after the break up, she was still broken. Healing up was harder than she thought.

Her only close friend advised her to take a one night stand; it will ease her up; he said. But she refused. The idea of giving in to another man disgusts her.

Even in her shattered state, she got raped. By her close friend. barely a month after the breakup.

She became miserable. She hated men.

A week later, she realized she had been infected. The itching was unbearing. Her vee stinks of an unfavorable odour. She lacked comfort.

Enlightened as she was, she ran a test; She had an STI.



She hated her close friend the more.

She yelled, cried, cuss…..

No time to waste, she got prescribed medications for the infection. Began the treatment.She used the medications judiciously.

A week; 2 weeks past, infection was still intact.


3 weeks past; she battled with it.

She couldn’t bare the discomfort any longer, she went back for a test.

Oh yes! she missed her period that month; 2 months after her breakup.

She checked her PCV; curious to know if the antibiotics were “drinking her blood”.

The infection was still there, so she re-tested. HVS, PCV and of course, PT in curiousity.

Alas! She was pregnant!!!

For who?

Her ex-boyfriend or her close friend?


The Agony of abortion by Kemisola Omotehinse


… Alas! She was pregnant!

For who?

Her ex-boyfriend or her close friend?

Her head spinned as her world crumbled before her. Unsure of what to do, she kept mute. She couldn’t open up to anyone. Moreover, she no longer had friends. She saw friends as fake beings.

A month passed, she lingered in fear and depression.

She bought abortion pills in a bid to terminate the pregnancy. Her heart jumped into her mouth when she brought out the drugs. She cried uncontrollably as she summoned courage to do it.

Viola! It didn’t work. Days passed, no cramps or blood stain

4 months into the pregnancy, she couldn’t withstand it anymore. She could feel the little being move in her. She was super scared.

It took her months to finally resolve to D&C. She could not keep the baby as she was unsure of the paternity.

She reached out to a distant friend who introduced her to a Nurse who is an expert in abortion. She called. They fixed an appointment.

Day one was mild. The nurse evacuated some of the contents.
Day two was crazy. She cried out in pain as the remaining contents were flushed out. But the baby was still there. Dead.

The Nurse said she has to go through labour process to have the baby out of the womb.

Then the madness began….

Abortion in Lagos by Kemisola Omotehinse


The Nurse told her she would go through the stages of labor to deliver the remains of the evacuated seed.

And the madness began.

The madness began in the middle of the night when her abdomen was cramping like it would tear apart.

Her temperature shot up; 40 degrees I guess.

She could not stand up.She was feeling drowsy.

Off to the toilet she went to poo her intestine out.

Twice, she passed out.

She woke up each time feeling dead; powerless.

The contractions were now painful and frequent.

She could not scream for the fear of being heard by her parents. She could not deal with disappointing them.

The contractions were now deadly. She had never felt the agony of child birth before.

All this pain for a dead child.

She rushed to the toilet again, pooed; and passed out again.

2 hours later, she came back to life, exhausted.

She crawled back to her room.

She threw up, almost coughing out her lungs. It was hell.

The contractions gripped her every 3 minutes.The agony of abortion drew her closer to her grave.

Then she began to plead for forgiveness; in case her life cut abruptly. Curses flowed freely for her ex and her close friend (the rapist).

7 hours into the agonizing experience, the dead baby dropped out with the placenta.

A surge of relief dawned on her.

And guilt!

For few minutes, she stared at the little creature lying lifeless on the floor,battered in smelly blood.

Without a rethink, she flushed it down the water closet.

Abortion is an agony many choose to endure.

Kemisola Omotehinse opens the line of communication among like-minded people to get projects done. She enjoys content writing a whole lot. Kemisola Omotehinse is a Registered Nurse, currently practising in Lagos.

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