benefits of orgasm for women by Kemisola Omotehinse
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Benefits of Orgasm For Women

There is more to sex than the rhythmic thrusting actions by the man. Let me be more open about this, men are not the only one entitled to orgasm! All I want to do in this post is to highlight the benefits of orgasm for women. 

You see, the electrifying sensation that accompanies the ejaculation is worth more than gold, especially on a tiring day. Many women (including myself) will gladly opt for clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. Why? because that’s how we hit the cloud nine.

Sadly, many women are yet to experience the heavenly surge- Orgasm. Should we blame their men for not doing rightly? Let’s not be the one to judge.

Should we get right into the benefits or I should explain what an orgasm is?
I guess I will go with the latter…

What is an orgasm?

Simply put, an orgasm is the peak of sexual excitement which is characterized by a powerful feeling of physical pleasure and a discharge of accumulated erotic tension in form of ejaculation.

Let me explain it better…The moment your man your man start to grunt during sexual intercourse before he cums, that’s orgasm. You gerrit?

Let’s proceed to the benefits of orgasm to women. Hiya!

Benefits of Orgasm For Women

benefits of orgasm to women by Kemisola Omotehinse

1. It is a powerful pain relief

Got headache that leaves you craving for sleep, not sex? Ditch the sleep and go for the sexual pleasure.

Studies have shown that endorphins are released during sex and they provide a varying degree of relief from pain.

Guess what? orgasm is a great analgesic- it gets rid of pain without affecting the sensation of touch. And you know how important ‘touch’ is on the sexual menu. *wink*

2. It knocks Out Stress

Stress is a goner with orgasm. Oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) is released in large quantity which helps to ease stress.
In relation to stress, sex will help reduce your blood pressure, promote deep, relaxed breathing, as well as elate your mood. The combination of these effects will promote stress relief.

3. Keeps You in Good Shape

Sex is a great exercise for your a woman’s body. You get to stretch your body and burn a reasonable amount of calories. This allows for weight management and building of great body shape.

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4. Trains Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for controlling your urine flow can be weakened naturally through age or by pregnancy. During sex, these muscles will get a good workout.

Other benefits of orgasm for women includes:

  • Sound sleep
  • Glowing skin
  • Improved cardiovascular health status.
  • Increased intimacy with spouse.
  • Improved mental health

The list can go on and on… but the truth is, orgasm is the magic cloud. There are levels to sexuality, I choose to reach the peak. Clitoral stimulation does it for me, and for majority of women.

Are you yet to experience orgasm? You are definitely missing out on these amazing benefits!

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