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What Motivates You To Stay Healthy?

When the year started, you listed out your new year resolutions. You must have included some health goals like “no more soda”, “dump the junks” and many get-healthy goals. Have you ever asked yourself this important question- “What motivates you to stay healthy?”

It is however unfortunate that these goals are thrown into trash barely few days into the new year. One thing is for sure, there is lack of motivation to keep up with this health goals.

Truth is, embracing a healthy lifestyle is very much difficult as it requires dedication, determination, consistency and most importantly motivation. When you lack motivation, the drive to take actions will be completely dead.

So I need to ask you, what motivates you to stay healthy?

Think deeply before you answer this…. Why are you working towards being healthy?

Do you lack the motivation needed to stay healthy or live a healthy lifestyle? You do not need to feel bad, just follow these steps I’m about to list out and you will easily get accustomed to a healthy lifestyle.


You need to have a concrete plan that you will follow to achieve your health goals. Start by outlining your goals according to  priority.

When you set your goals you’ll become more specific and more intentional and you will be able to measure your success at specific time. A typical example of health goal is: ‘reduce body fat percentage from 40% to 30% by March 31st.

In the example given above, you can see that the goal is specific about the timing and what should be achieved. The goal is SMART!


With these many goals you can determine how the major goals will be. You can create weekly or daily goals in order to work towards achieving the major goal.Ensure these mini goals are sustainable and attainable.

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Search within yourself what truly motivates you. We all are different, so what motivates me might be different from what motivates you. Find out what your true motivating factors are, and embrace them. They will help you to keep a check on your goals.


Map out ways which these factors can influence your actions towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are planning to lose some weight or fat, you can get a dress of your dreams size and hang it in your closet. every time you visit your closet you will see this dress and it will remind you of your plan to shred some fat and become the actual size for the dress.


Final Note

I understand how difficult it is to stay motivated for a longer time. Like a year… You can start by setting goals that are time-bound like a month.

Then gradually proceed to a bigger one.

A great walk starts with a tiny step!!!

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