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Welcome to my Queendom! Hi, I’m Kemisola Omotehinse, a Registered Nurse and a Model. This is my hub for sharing my personal experiences, as well as, articles on Wellness, Self-care, Faith + Inspiration, Family, Travel and many more lifestyle topics. Let’s Love Living Together in my Queendom!

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What I Do


There is this cuteness about Nurses you can’t just resist. Lol! I’m a Registered Nurse from Nigeria. One of my biggest career goals is to become an Anaesthetic Nurse, I’m on the path already.

Bottom line, I’m super caring!


I also model for a living. To be honest, this is the most social part of my life. Meeting new people almost daily, working with creative minds, as well as paying more attention to my looks is tantalizing.

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Content Writing

I enjoy writing content. I founded a Content writing company called “THE CONTENT BAE”

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